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Vine exists to enable like-minded charitable organisations to accomplish their mission. We want organisations that are doing amazing things to be heard above the din in the marketing sphere.


At Vine, we have a long-standing heart for God’s love to be spread to all corners of the earth. There are so many incredible individuals and organisations doing amazing things around the world: working with hurting people, reducing poverty, enabling freedom, offering healthcare and education, while also filling people with the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

However, in today’s world it is increasingly difficult for smaller organisations to get their message out there. Unfortunately, a worthy mission is not always enough, you’ve got to be able to communicate that mission and tell your story to the people around you. And to do this, it often requires a rather big budget…

This is where Vine comes in. Our years of experience in design and communications and our passion for the work of God can help these organisations find their voice and carry out their mission.

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What We Do

Services that Vine Design offers are:

Vine Design works with Christian organisations and other like-minded charitable causes in New Zealand and around the world. We provide free or low-cost creative communications and design for the purpose of advancing social justice causes. We particularly like to work with organisations who are actively seeking to spread the love and message of Jesus through their work, but who don’t have the resources to pay for top-of-the-line design and communications.

— art direction
— Brand strategy
— Brand identity & collateral
— campaign strategy & Design
— Web, UX design & development
— Print design and production
— Photography
— Video Production

Where We Work

The beauty of modern technology means that Vine Design can provide services to any location in the world that has access to the internet. Our creatives work remotely, but can also travel where necessary.




Matt Watson

Creative director / Designer / photographer


Jared Buckley

Videographer / photographer


Grace Finnigan

Designer / illustrator


Joel Carter

Communications / marketing / Photographer

We are a small, yet highly experienced and skilled team who will offer you the highest quality work that we can deliver.

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Liz Watson

Admin / Finance / trustee


Emily Purdy



Jerram Watts



Peter Thirkell

Board Chairman

I am the vine you are the branches.

The superb new look Vine has put together for MEC will hugely enhance the way people perceive the organisation. I wholeheartedly commend them to you.

— Martin Hickey, Communications, Middle East Concern


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